windows 8,, and i left my backpack in nyc cab

by G 17. April 2013 23:24
Share on Facebookyea, basically, o shit. i hadn't posted in a while. been using just window7 on my asus laptop, windows8 on my samsung slate 7, and phone 8 on a new nokia 920. i would try a new android phone, but i didn't want to spend a new $350-400 on android again. not sure what's up but i can't post any images rt now. gotta fix blogengine. i'm also hoping someone out there could spot my laptop. the good thing was that not a lot of shit besides my laptop and zune. my info is on the cover. didn't have prey on it, actually. prey is pretty good. check it out the features, and it's open source. so that's pretty cool. G-


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