What’s the Frequency, Microsoft?

by G 23. June 2011 08:05
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I hit the Windows Phone UG last night. What's Mango? I thought it was going to be a re-do of the Windows Phone. It's not! It is an extension of the phone framework with a ton of new APIs. 1600 of them. I think somebody hit an extra zero or two in a press release and it spread around. It makes you wonder how much new stuff you are going to be able to program your phone to do, no?

There are going to be other new Phone OS features, too, but we ended up talking about what the foo is going on with Windows 8, and I guess this is the video that started it all:

The video that started some FUD?

Honestly, I saw the video when it first came out and I watched for about 30 seconds and then turned it off. I did think that 1) this is probably only for tablets and 2) this might never make it out.

If it was only for tablets, then 7 would remain on the desktop and it may never make it out because of the FUD I heard around it's interface development in HTML(5?) and JavaScript. Yes, let's face it: Your HTML is already HTML5 :) or maybe not? look at modernizr to retrofit your markup code…

I heard that Windows Phone is hot with chicks, though.

That wasn�t the interesting topic, though. Windows 8? Silverlight XAML C# HTML5 JavaScript

Why is Silverlight failing, though, it is because .net develpers, we, are always tied up still maintaining legacy code, I guess. there is kick ass stuff out there but we can’t spend time on it, and therefore those technologies don’t get as much traction out in the wild.

So then I watched to the end of the video and thought 8 ends up looking good. 



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