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by G 21. October 2011 11:29
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There is always so much shit going on. It would probably be better that I write shorter posts more often instead of writing a longer summary every couple of months. I’ve been working on-site for a client for about the last six weeks now (don’t rush me, I get paid by the hour). The new gig is good. Where I live right now is killing the buzz, though, but I don’t want to move too quick and expose myself and my future to corporate shit hitting the fan. As is usual.

I went to an INTEL event for MeeGo OS this Summer (thanks, SteveB), signed an agreement, and got this tablet named EXOPC. The MeeGo OS on this tablet was not in any shape or form near completion (Intel Drops Meego). Meego has since been axed, merged with something else, and is now called Tizen. It is a nice opportunity to do some open source work, but I installed the leaked version followed by the Developer Preview versions of Windows 8 (E-zeight?).  

Windows 8 is SWEET! Windows 8 is going to ROCK. I installed it on my EXOPC (Intel Atom 1.66Ghz, 64GB SSD) and very much like 8 so far :) and it seems like almost everyone agrees that it’s looking good.

I think that Microsoft is hitting the right mark for OS usability on touch-screens and tablets. The Metro UI works well on this form factor, and there are also many improvements to the desktop that make it work better on tablets. Metro works much better on a tablet than on a phone (I’ve heard). I haven’t been able to hit that many sessions on this, but I know that at least two development models are going to be supported to develop Metro-style apps and desktop development stays the same.

What is great and what I think is going to happen is that the Metro UI/Environment is going to boot up into memory on the devices that run Windows 8 and then the regular kernel will keep loading, load on command, or just not load, depending on the device configuration (or Windows 8 version). In the end, it could probably even be a virtualized instance loaded off the Metro environment.

I know that the haters are going to say that Windows 8 is “like Chrome OS” in some ways and like an Android side screen menu (only way better). I don’t know what to say about that, other than who cares? It looks like it’s going to be what I want to run and boot into. Back in the day, I had triple-boot on my Pentium 200 MMX (NT Workstation, 98se, and Debian 2.0), and whether Windows, ChromeOS,  Linux, and/or MacOS make it into my boot config depends on a lot of things that are constantly changing and may be different in the future.



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