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by G 1. March 2011 01:17
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I just de-skanked my blog comments. I deleted anything that had links in the comment body, no matter what the links were. I guess thanks for selling me dump truck insurance and Air Jordans. Are people spamming the internet still legitimately making loot off these sites? Whatever happened to trading Hot Links??? I used to have a Hot Links trading board on my site years ago. It had little vertical exploding fireballs. Thanks to everyone else who posted good, positive, feedback!

I’m glad that I went to the Android Dev session last week because I think that it is crucial, at least for me, to know what is going on under the covers, ask questions, and catch up on the topic’s current conversation.

I went to the session with a couple of what the foo questions: what the foo is MonoDroid and what the foo is Dalvik?

The first thing that I learned is that the Dalvik is Google’s custom VM and the Mono execution environment runs side-by-side on top of the Linux Kernel.

There are four main component types in Android: Activity, Broadcast Receiver, Services, and Content Providers. The latter enable apps to share data. As far as usability is concerned, these are what you will probably notice first is NICE(!) when you use an Android vs an iPhone or iPod Touch.

MonoDroid provides wrappers to go both ways in Android Callable Wrappers and in Managed Callable Wrappers. The nicest thing that I saw was the hiding of XML namespace references and what-not in C# attributes. I don’t like XML configs or any element-based development. It drives me nuts to find bugs in it sometimes, but I do know the advantages of web configs.

You can find MonoDroid in beta at You can deploy to an emulator or local device for free, the single developer license will cost $400, and the enterprise license $1000. It installs to VS2010 or MonoDevelop.

Going to the Android Development meetup last week was time well spent. Greg put together a really nice presentation that will get developers up and running on the Android platform whether on C# MonoDroid or probably even JAVA.

To all the ladies reading my blog: I cook mean mashed potatoes :)


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