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by G 23. February 2011 13:07
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I love my G-1 phone and the Android operating system. I think that Microsoft is missing the point of what makes Android so successful. I look at it in terms of Apple being like the North Korea of platforms, WinMoPho like China, and Android is, all BS aside, the United States. Who drove the PC market for years? The 3D graphics card market?

I am going to the Android Development meetup tonight.

I met Greg Shackles at the NYC Code Camp last weekend and got to talk to him a little bit about my Android. For this meetup in particular, I would like to understand a little about the advantages of development on MonoDroid and C# versus development using Eclipse and JAVA from a n00b perspective.

To Microsoft's credit, I think that Microsoft's products are way ahead of their time. It's like an alien dropped some shit on earth about 4 years earlier than the competition, embracing the second mover advantage, and with a crappy marketing campaign. It's WEIRD and oxymoronic. Do they let the product speak for itself? I'm in. Look at the ZuneHD. It's so beautiful, yet with usability issues, that it brings tears to my eyes, but Android is buggy and usability is a small price to pay. The hot nerdy chick that came to the ball too late, wearing a one-off dress, and never got asked to dance because all the guys were too wasted.

I heard of the Evil Operator app yesterday, thanks Nigel. This app fits in a series of apps that really take advantage of a phone OS. It is the Chinese Connection phone prank app. I think that model to monetize an app is pretty decent. It belongs with the vocoder apps, number screening apps, and other apps that you can program because it is a phone.



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