An Update (Ohhhhh)

by G 6. October 2010 10:21
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Oh well, I don’t have any other outlet other than here at this time to comment on what’s happening in the phone space. I’m sure we all know, Windows Phone 7 is finally here. Its worldwide launch is October 11th here in NYC.

I’ve been to a couple of developer events so far. I got to hold a 1Ghz phone, and I’ve learned what I need to develop for it. Visual C# Express and the Phone Tools is all you need. Coincidentally, I crashed a nerd dinner last week, and lo and behold, I met Charles Petzold. He claims that he is having the most fun programming that he's had in a while. Watch out for his book, a 900 pager or so book that's going to be the definitive on both XNA and Silverlight development on Windows Phone. The only one on XNA. 

I’m thinking that the same things that made Android popular are going to make WinMoPho just as popular, and we will be watching how Apple reacts as it will be on the defensive, the first time in a long time.

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