Accessory Review: Body Glove Shield Protector Case W/ Belt Clip Kick Stand

by G 18. February 2010 03:44
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Crap! Twice. This accessory case makes the phone look a lot cooler - like a military device or something of that nature, and the kickstand is a big plus at the office. The drawback is that you need to be VERY watchful of your phone because it snaps off the belt clip too easily and it will probably be too late to find your phone by the time you notice that it is gone! It happened to me twice while biking and on Halloween night and inadvertently caught it falling off a couple of times getting in/out of cars.

There is a better belt accessory that I will post about soon here

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App Review: DroidWiki

by G 5. February 2010 10:19
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DroidWiki is probaby one of the top most useful apps out there. A Wiki is a kind of application that lets you create, edit, and link content. There is markup that lets you quickly format your text, something that is really convenient in a mobile app. This version lets you export html or wiki markup to the sd card, find your notes by tag, and saves created and last update dates for you.

version: org.sjb.droidwiki,0.8.5

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App Review: The Weather Channel

by G 28. January 2010 11:14
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This app kind of sucks. I have been trying to delete one location forever. No matter how many different ways I attempt to trick it into forgetting the stupid location, it won't. I can't imagine from where the app is loading its state, but soon I'll figure out if this a pain-in-the-ass point of the [Android] API or sloppy coding. I will probably have to uninstall and reinstall the app for my location configurations to take effect.

version: The Weather Channel,2.1.9

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