by G 8. November 2010 23:28
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the chromatic mod was really slow on my phone, but the controls for the camera were really nice. touch is way more sensitive.

latest version (and google apps):

so, this is what i had already installed from my previous post.  it seems easy to get confused when flashing your android. Grab the latest radio from here. I had to…

THIS IS NICE!! everything seems very responsive.

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flashing android GPHONE: no network provision

by G 7. November 2010 22:39
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I’ve finally gotten around to flashing my G1.

phone specs

9/2/08 s0
build number dmd64

here are some articles that i found useful:

cyanogenmod here is where i started, and my phone’s build was dmd64.

root the  g-1
my phone had build dmd64 …

check out this video
at this point (i think), i had to have a SIM with internet (don’t worry, after this you will have rooted your phone), even if it’s pre-paid (on t-mobile).  When you complete this you will be at RC29.

from there, i hit i a couple of links:

then some ROM listings: (a: what to do now that you have root)

wi-fi tether app:

I’m running the chromatic custom build right now. and i am liking it so far, but this phone is slow as phuck (with the 500Mhz proc). i will be looking for some tweaks …

here is another app i'm checking out:

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