by G 8. November 2010 23:28
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the chromatic mod was really slow on my phone, but the controls for the camera were really nice. touch is way more sensitive.

latest version (and google apps):

so, this is what i had already installed from my previous post.  it seems easy to get confused when flashing your android. Grab the latest radio from here. I had to…

THIS IS NICE!! everything seems very responsive.

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flashing android GPHONE: no network provision

by G 7. November 2010 22:39
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I’ve finally gotten around to flashing my G1.

phone specs

9/2/08 s0
build number dmd64

here are some articles that i found useful:

cyanogenmod here is where i started, and my phone’s build was dmd64.

root the  g-1
my phone had build dmd64 …

check out this video
at this point (i think), i had to have a SIM with internet (don’t worry, after this you will have rooted your phone), even if it’s pre-paid (on t-mobile).  When you complete this you will be at RC29.

from there, i hit i a couple of links:

then some ROM listings: (a: what to do now that you have root)

wi-fi tether app:

I’m running the chromatic custom build right now. and i am liking it so far, but this phone is slow as phuck (with the 500Mhz proc). i will be looking for some tweaks …

here is another app i'm checking out:

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App Review: DroidWiki

by G 5. February 2010 10:19
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DroidWiki is probaby one of the top most useful apps out there. A Wiki is a kind of application that lets you create, edit, and link content. There is markup that lets you quickly format your text, something that is really convenient in a mobile app. This version lets you export html or wiki markup to the sd card, find your notes by tag, and saves created and last update dates for you.

version: org.sjb.droidwiki,0.8.5

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App Review: Armadillo Roll

by G 3. February 2010 11:35
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The 3-D graphics are smooth and the game uses the accelerometer to control the Armadillo's Roll. This app has never finished downloading its update. It keeps alerting that there is a new version but keeps getting stuck at 100% and installed but maybe it doesn't update its local status. If the developer can fix the hung update, this app could silently sit and take up some space on my phone as a fun-to-show app for its 3-D graphics which are OpenGL-ES, a subset of OpenGL for embedded systems.

version: Armadillo Roll,1.0.3

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App Review: The Weather Channel

by G 28. January 2010 11:14
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This app kind of sucks. I have been trying to delete one location forever. No matter how many different ways I attempt to trick it into forgetting the stupid location, it won't. I can't imagine from where the app is loading its state, but soon I'll figure out if this a pain-in-the-ass point of the [Android] API or sloppy coding. I will probably have to uninstall and reinstall the app for my location configurations to take effect.

version: The Weather Channel,2.1.9

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Major Tip: Run Fewer Connected Desktop Widgets

by G 28. January 2010 10:44
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To help your Android run better, run fewer connected widgets. The connected widgets are those that access a webservice over the network. I'm thinking about Finance, Weather, Calendar, etc. as a widget, not a shortcut. This will have noticeable impact on your day-to-day experience. My Android had almost slowed down to a crawl until I cleaned up these widgets.

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